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Institut de Recherche sur l'Éducation : Sociologie et Économie de l'Éducation

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Nouveau document de travail de l'IREDU

Children Without Borders: An alternative way for thinking external assistance to education.- A. Mingat, A. Gagnon, R. Mahdjoub, F. Ndem.- Documents de travail de l'IREDU (Les), DT 2016-2, novembre 2016

Development challenges in most social domains, like education and health, are generally examined and analyzed in countries, and in light of information produced at the country level. Albeit useful, most of these studies remain “hic and nunc”, strongly pegged to data collected at country level and attached to individual countries. Furthermore, this country-specific focus is all the more strengthened because external assistance and funding directed to social issues is, in reality, channeled to address social issues within countries.
This research aims at gauging the extent to which the current pattern by which the donor community as a whole allocates its funds to individual countries in view of helping them to improve coverage and quality of education services is appropriate. This assessment will confront the actual practices and the actual distribution of donor funding for education to individual countries with the modeled outcome of the proposed alternative, i.e. when the distribution of donors’ interventions derive from targeting individuals according their educational status (and possibly their wealth).

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