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At a time when the decisive social and economic factors of life are more and more numerous, there is a need for in depth information, methods, and studies on the complex relationships between training, employment, and work. Céreq (Centre d’Études et de Recherches sur les Qualifications—Centre for Research on Education, Training and Employment) and its associated centers, close both to the research sector and to the actors in the spheres of education and employment, are unique organizations.

Céreq in a few words…
A public center of expertise at the service of educators and employers, Céreq produces statistics, conducts research, studies and supports actions. It formulates opinions and propositions in order to clarify the choices in educational policies at the regional, national, and international level. Céreq is a network made up of twelve regional centers which operate out of university research teams and of the CRNS distributed throughout France.
Pamphlet presenting Céreq

Regional Associated Center of Céreq, in Dijon
Attached to Iredu, the center collaborates on the research activities of the team and contribues to the Céreq mission. In the Burgundy region, it works towards forging a better understanding of the relationship between training and employment, in particular by studying young people’s entry into professionnal life as well as discrimination at school and in the labor market.

Some examples of studies and reseach recently completed or in progress :
• Linguistic competences and employability
• Young people’s transition into the workforce in Burgundy
• The international mobility of individuals who obtained a PhD in 2014
• Regional observational report on youth (having involved the Associated Regional Center of Céreq-IREDU)
IREDU’s participation in the operation of the Céreq “Génération 2004” and “Génération 2010” investigations (Christine Guégnard, Jean-François Giret, Carine Érard, Jake Murdoch, Magali Danner, Ines Albandea)

IREDU participated in four work groups lead by Céreq.
• The work group on higher education : http://www.cereq.fr/articles/GTES/Groupe-de-travail-sur-l-enseignement-superieur (Carine Érard, Christine Guégnard, Jake Murdoch)
• The GRP (Group of Research and Production) “Certifications, construction and evaluation of competences” (Magali Danner, Éléonore Vrillon, Jean-François Giret)
• The GRP “Learning Process and Alternation” (Christine Guégnard)
• The GRP “Territorial Approaches to the Training-Employment Relationship” (André Giffard)
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Céreq, 10 place de la Joliette, BP 176, 13474 Marseille cedex 02
Tel. 0491132828 – http://www.cereq.fr
Director : Florence Lefresne
Céreq-Iredu, pôle AAFE, Esplanade Erasme, BP 26513, 21065 Dijon
Tel. 0380395460 – http://iredu.u-bourgogne.fr
Supervisor: Jean-François Giret