ORIENTSUP : Course guidance and support: effects on success in the first year of higher education

Scientific manager : Marielle Le Mener

Researcher : Amélie Duguet

Partners :  Laurent Pichon, UFR SVTE,  Isaelle Pochard, UFR ST, Hélène Tourard, UFR Droit sciences économique et politique

Summary : 

The aim of this research is to assess the extent to which recent changes in public policy on guidance in higher education, through the ORE law (Orientation et Réussite des Etudiants – Orientation and Success of Students), help to promote student success in L1. Although a certain number of factors are already known to influence the success and progress of students, the criteria available on the new Parcoursup platform to guide future students in the best possible way are not exhaustive and the teaching teams are faced with difficulties in making choices based on relevant information and ranking. This classification is also conditioned for a certain number of high school students by a “Oui-si ” admission. This research also aims to measure the effectiveness of the remedies offered in the Agil modules of the University of Bourgogne-Franche Comté.

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