PhD at the IREDU

The Main Principle
Doctoral programs are a priority at the IREDU. However, our capacity to take in students is limited, which leads us to select candidates for the doctoral program.
Each candidate must have a thesis subject in line with the themes developed by the IREDU’s scientific project (cf. hyperlink). They must also explain in a letter of motivation their interest as well as their capacity for research.

How to enroll for a PhD ?
There are two distinct procedures:

• Doctoral contract competition
The doctoral contract competition finances a thesis for three years.
Each year, in April, the subjects (normally two) are proposed by IREDU for this competition. You should refer to the procedure of the SEPT doctoral school, which organizes this competition. The competition is selective but we encourage all motivated candidates to apply.

• The thesis candidates, outside of the competition.
It is possible to do a thesis at IREDU without competing in the doctoral contact competition. The procedure has multiple steps.
The first step is to directly contact a full professor or a univeristy lecturer with certification to direct research (MCF with HDR) who is a member of the IREDU. It is preferable for the subject of the thesis to correspond to the supervisor’s research speciality (each supervisor’s work can be looked up on the IREDU website). It is advised to send a thesis project around three pages in length and to mention the time and funding that the project will require. The potential supervisor can refuse, make changes to, or accept the proposition.
The second step, after getting the explicit agreement of a supervisor, is to submit an application form to the director of the center (file to be sent by email). It must include a detailed CV, a letter of motivation, the thesis project validated by the supervisor, your master’s degree’s grades, and an electronic version of the Master 2 dissertation. The IREDU’s doctoral counsel generally gives an opinion on the candidate’s file. On the basis of this opinion or complementary information, the director of IREDU will decide on the admission of a doctoral student.
The third step is enrollment with the SEPT doctoral school. Enrollment is done online by the doctoral student.
The director of the doctoral school also decides whether or not to validate enrollment.

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