Research Themes

Since its creation in 1971, IREDU (Institut de recherche sur l’éducation) has been working on issues relating to efficiency and equity in education. A regional associate centre of Céreq since the late 1970s, the team has also specialised in issues of integration and the training-employment relationship. The laboratory’s methodologies, often linked to the economics and sociology of education, are characterised by a specialisation in quantitative methods in education, which is what makes it unique, while more recently developing more qualitative methods.

For the period 2023-2027, the IREDU’s project is certainly in line with the continuity of the work previously carried out within the laboratory, but it is resolutely oriented towards new research perspectives. The scientific project is structured along two lines:

Research Theme 1: Social and educational conditions for success

Research Theme 2: Professionalization, integration, careers and training-employment links