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Doctoral Student in Educational Studies and Temporary Teaching and Research Assistant
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Thesis director: Sandrine Garcia

Co-director: Géraldine Farges

Title of the thesis: Teaching in prison? Specificity and regularity of the professional commitment of teachers through the lens of atypical careers

Thesis Summary:

“Teaching in prison? Specificities and regularities of the professional commitment to teaching through the lens of atypical careers”.

Teaching in prison may seem in some respects an unenviable situation for professionals in that it presents uncertainties about the behavior of young people, the organization and the outlets of such teaching (the level of young people being very heterogeneous). However, some teachers who have experienced the “classic” school system seem to find there, according to the available research, an interest and gratifications that they do not have elsewhere, despite the tensions that saturate the prison space. The doctoral project therefore proposes to analyze the professional commitment of teachers in the prison environment, by integrating the contributions of the sociology of professions to the central issues of the educational sciences. Indeed, the educational interactions that take place in this closed context present specificities that need to be understood (Abbott 1988). The main hypothesis formulated is that constrained spaces, such as the prison environment, can paradoxically offer spaces of freedom for teaching professionals, whose relations with the local hierarchy (school heads and territorial inspectors) will be analyzed. Teachers can also find a recognition among prisoners that they do not find in the “ordinary” environment. Inmates, who must volunteer to attend classes, gain a status of learner through teaching, conferred by people who, unlike prison guards in a total institution (Goffman, 1968), are not driven by disciplinary concerns, and make it possible to partially escape the stigma of delinquency. Thus, the symbolic rewards associated with this singular educational act can be high for teachers (Bense Ferreira Alves and Leblanc, 2013), coming to confirm their social utility. In partnership with the Direction Régionale des Services Pénitentiaires de Bourgogne, a mixed methodology will be implemented, articulating administrative data analysis, an ethnographic field survey and a questionnaire survey.



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