Student learning practices: effects on motivation and success in the first year

Scientific director : Sophie Morlaix (PU)

Researchers : Marielle Le Mener (MCF), Julien Berthaud (IGR), Lucie Corbin (MCF – LEAD)

Summary : 

Faced with the diversity of audiences and the growing heterogeneity of student profiles, the importance of changing student learning practices seems essential, particularly if we refer to the latest work in cognitive psychology, which recommends limiting learners’ metacognitive biases (Corbin, 2018) and training students in learning methods recognised as effective by scientific research, in order to teach students to learn (Corbin, 2018). The aim of this exploratory project is to measure the effectiveness of a support and training system for students on how to ‘learning to learn’ on inequalities in success in the first cycle of university studies, a cycle in which failure is most prevalent. To this end, this project aims, on the one hand, to train undergraduate students in the meta-cognitive biases to which they are subject, to train them in effective learning methods, and on the other hand, to identify the effects of these “learning to learn” methods on students’ motivation and learning.

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