Study practices in the first year of university: descriptive analysis and effects of a “learning to learn” scheme

23172. Corbin, L., Duguet, A., Berthaud, J., & Morlaix, S. (2023). Les pratiques d’étude en première année universitaire : analyse descriptive et effets d’un dispositif ” apprendre à apprendre “. e-JIREF, 9(1), 79-102.

The aim of this experimental research project is to provide new insights into the study practices of young people enrolled in their first year of university, from both a descriptive and an analytical point of view, by looking at the effects of a ‘learning to learn’ scheme on the practices used by students. On the basis of empirical research carried out on around 800 first-year students at a French university, we show that these students very often declare that they opt for study practices that are not conducive to their academic success. The analyses produced show that the ‘learning to learn’ scheme has a positive effect on young people’s study practices, although this effect remains limited.

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