Young people and the teaching profession: equality, diversity, attractiveness – edite

Project Manager: Loïc SZERDAHELYI

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Summary :

This project focuses on the relationship between young people and the teaching profession, in a context of reform of teacher training. Attentive to the articulation of the triptych “equality/diversity/attractiveness”, the research proposes an original perspective by apprehending two specific groups within the teaching community: school teachers and physical education and sports teachers (PE), both of whom are involved in a common task – teaching – but who share a different gendered heritage – “feminine” for school teachers and “masculine” for PE teachers.

The knowledge sought is heuristic in current scientific production, since it focuses on users of the teaching profession as well as on candidates for teaching careers. Based on a quantitative and qualitative survey – questionnaires and interviews – this study proposes to explore the voices of high school and university students – young people under the age of 30 – at three key moments in their orientation and professional integration: at high school in the final year of high school, at university during initial training, and at the ESPE (Ecole supérieure du professorat et de l’éducation) after passing the recruitment exam.

The aim of this research is to understand the subjective and variable dimensions of young people’s relationships with the teaching profession, according to individual experiences and career paths, representations of the teaching profession and their effects on its attractiveness, gender and the diversity of professional groups and/or candidates. A regionalized approach will make it possible to compare the results obtained in three academies: Dijon and Besançon (for the Bourgogne Franche-Comté academic region) and Lyon (where the survey has already been conducted).

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